5.Defining long term generally means requiring a personal support for relatively extended period of time to meet up physical and emotional needs in meeting p day to day activities. Normally every person requires this help mostly in old age due to either one or more disabilities or ailment. Walking, bathing, preventing wandering, preventing unsafe behaviour, administering medication are few of many available tasks which require a firm shoulder to be relied upon.

Types of care

Custodial care and skilled care are the two classifications of care types and are normally driven by financial motive. Generally custodial care is the care offered voluntarily by friends, family, children and grand children however skilled care is paid service by health providers but it includes custodial care too by default that simply means that care seeker is also paying for acquired custodial services.

Medicare and long term care

If only custodial care is required for a longer period of time and not the skilled care, Medicare does not offer this however it does offer following services.

  • To provide care in long term care hospitals
  • Providing sufficient expertise in nursing care and skilled nursing facility
  • Qualified home health services
  • Hospice and respite care

In all above mentioned facility the patient receives further custodial care along with skilled care such as aides or CNA’s. Patient is been helped in bathing, dressing, feeding and medication, toileting and incontinence. Medicare pays for the whole amount charged at the bill although custodial care falls outside the payment scope.

Nursing homes are by default skilled care providers since they employ skilled nurses that are at work in treating patients round the clock. All admitted nursing home patients have medical needs but Medicare has very straight forward rules about the eligibility criteria of patients. Sufferers with acute medical needs are entitled to receive Medicare payments provided recovery is anticipated. Chronic patients which do not meet the criteria will be compensated through Medicaid normally.