Medicare is the well known way of securing your health and life after retirement. It is important to understand well what each plan covers and what are the benefits of each plan. The basic Medicare does not cover all the medical expenses and thus it is important to buy the other Medicare plans. Medicare has advantage plans and supplement plans. The Medicare advantage plan can help you save your money and the out of pocket costs are less as compared to the original Medicare. The pricing varies as per plan and you need to compare the different plans.

Medicare advantage plan

Medicare advantage plans charge the different kinds of put of pocket costs and it has different rules and there is a need to get the referral so that the specialist gives the services. There are different plans options in the Medicare part C like the health maintenance organization, private fee for service, preferred provider organization, special needs plan, etc. If you live in certain are then you can join this plan easily. You need to have the original Medicare Part A and Part B. you should not have the end stage renal disease which means that you have kidney failure or kidney transplant.

You need to choose the plan very much carefully and you can become eligible for the special period which is the October 15 to December 7 of every year. The Medicare advantage plan also has the dis-enrollment and it runs from January 1 to February 14. At this time you can have the individuals to enroll in Medicare advantage plan. It depends on your area whether the prescription drug is covered with the Medicare advantage plan or not. The Medicare advantage plan is handled by government and private companies. As the private companies are involved the price of the plan varies from company to company. Usually the part C contains certain extra things which are not included in the Part A and Part B. In certain cases the Medicare Part C is well combined with the Medicare part D prescription drug. The Part C is advantageous to all of the customers.