dfWhen you have a health insurance, your health is kept in check by the insurance. Whenever anything goes wrong with your health, you are taken to the required health care center. The benefits of having a health insurance cannot be accounted for since there are many. Among the benefits attached to health insurance is the prescription drug coverage which is an attribute of Medicare Part D. A question is often asked by many concerning the supplemental Medicare plan that offers the RX coverage. It should be known that there are 4 basic Medicare plans which are Medicare Part A, B, C, D and Medicare advantage plans. Among these, the supplemental Medicare plan that offer the RX coverage is the Medicare Part D.

Medicare Part D offers the outpatient prescription drug coverage. It is provided only by those insurance companies owned by individuals having a contract with the government. RXImpact, RX4 and RX4 + Deductible are grouped as the RX. Due to the fact that Medicare Part D provides the prescription drug coverage which is attached to the RX, Medicare Part D is the supplemental Medicare plan that offers the RX coverage.

How does Medicare Part D work?

With RXImpact, RX4 and RX4 + Deductible, the covered drugs are placed in 3 levels as mentioned below:

RXImpact: with it, drugs are put in 4 groups in terms of their ability to prevent a severe medical issue in the future. The groups are named as group A, B, C and D.

RX4: this places drugs in 1 of 4 levels. The rate of a drug’s level determines the amount that would be paid on that drug. Hence, the costs of drugs in level 2 are more expensive than the drugs in level 1.

 RX4 + Deductible: the drugs in level 1 are not subject to deductible and possess the least co-payment. One has to pay a yearly deductible for the drugs in level 2, 3 and 4.

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