1. Your Coverage Requirements: Know your requirements in terms of services that you need while selecting a suitable Medicare Coverage for yourself.
  2. Costs Considerations: make sure that you understand the coverage terms and conditions that may affect your premiums, deductibles and any other cost that is involved in your Medicare Coverage plans.
  3. Your Doctor and Hospital Considerations: Go for the doctor who accepts the Medicare coverage you decide to go for. Also, go for the hospitals and health care centres from what is mentioned on you coverage you opted for.
  4. The Prescription Drugs: Be well aware of your eligibility and the other terms and conditions of the plan here. Along with, whether you are creditable in terms of the drug prescription coverage.
  5. Go for the Quality Care: Make sure that you are satisfied with your medical care coverage plan. Here, the quality and services may vary as per the plans you choose.
  6. Your Convenience: Where your doctor office is located at? This is the most important thing to be considered while selecting a coverage plan. Know which pharmacy you can go for as you may pay less for some drugs at certain pharmacies available.
  7. Know more about your Coverage: If you have any other type of health or drug prescription coverage plan, please ensure that you understand how that particular coverage plan works with Medicare.

Can you travel:  Considering your requirements for travelling, make sure that your Medicare Coverage allows you to travel abroad for emergency checkups if required!