Medicare Supplemental Insurance offers so many unique benefits that it seems almost too good to be true.  The fact is this insurance is a great investment for many individuals.  The only thing bad is not having this additional insurance and facing financial burden that may arise from unexpected medical costs.  No one should have to deal with the burden of an unexpected medical bill.  Even if you have always maintained good health, no one is invincible, meaning you can experience an illness or injury at any point in time.  Serious illnesses and injuries could mean long term care, which is something Traditional Medicare does not cover.

With Medicare Supplemental Insurance, you would not have to worry about the costs incurred with long term care.  Keep in mind that policy benefits may vary by region.  Use the internet to research policies in your area to determine what benefits may apply to you.  In general, most Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans cover long term care, prescription medications, vision, and dental costs.  These are all costs that you would otherwise have to pay out of pocket if you only carry Traditional Medicare.  No one should have to forgo their health for the sake of saving money and avoiding expensive medical bills.