Most Medicare Part B members pay a protection premium for this scope; the standard Part B premium for 2013 and 2014 is $104.90 – $335.70 every month. Another pay based premium surtax blueprint has been basically since 2007, wherein Part B premiums are higher for recipients with earnings surpassing $85,000 for people or $170,000 for wedded couples. Contingent upon the degree to which recipient profit surpass the base pay, these higher Part B premiums are $139.90, $199.80, $259.70, or $319.70 for 2012, with the most elevated premium paid by people gaining more than $214,000, or wedded couples winning more than $428,000.

Medicare Part B premiums are regularly deducted naturally from recipients’ month to month Social Security checks. They can likewise be paid quarterly by means of bill sent straightforwardly to recipients. This option is turning out to be more normal in light of the fact that while the qualification age for Medicare has stayed at 65 according to the 1965 enactment the purported Full Retirement Age for Social Security has been expanded to 66 and will go considerably higher after some time. Along these lines, numerous individuals delay gathering Social Security and need to pay their Part B premium specifically.

Part C and D arrangements could conceivably charge premiums, contingent upon the arrangements’ plans as endorsed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.