Individuals who are eligible for Medicare will have a few different options available to customize their medical plan. One option is to purchase your policy through a private company, by choosing a Medicare Advantage plan. It’s helpful to look at what this type of option covers before you decide whether or not it’s the best choice for your healthcare needs. An Advantage plan must cover Medicare Part A, which is hospital insurance, as well as Part B, or medical insurance benefits. This will cover any emergency or urgent care that you are in need of. Although they won’t cover hospice care, this will still be covered by an original Medicare plan.

In addition to these main benefits offered through original Medicare, when you choose a Medicare Advantage program you can also add on extra benefits. These include dental, vision, hearing, general preventive checkups, or other health and wellness programs. Many will also include prescription drug coverage. Because the level of coverage, rules, and cost of the plan can vary depending on the private company that you purchase it from, it’s best to compare all of your options carefully before you enroll. Most Advantage plans will be managed care plans, provided through an HMO or PPO. In some cases you may be able to enroll in a fee-for-service program, however.