1..There are several risks that humans are exposed to on a daily basis. These risks put humans at the risk of being involved in sudden events that could negatively alter their lives. Some of the effects of these events could easily be checked if there are adequate funds and other measures put in place to make sure that measures could be immediately taken to address them. This has led to several types of insurance including life, properties and medical insurance. The aim of this insurance is to give individuals the opportunity to access funds to address the negative effects of sudden negative events when they come up.

Definition of medicare insurance

Medicare insurance entails protecting adults who are over 65 years of age, from incurring medical cost risks. Health insurance entails the estimation of the general expenses of the healthcare system and health care risks of a particular group. A routine structure for finance is subsequently developed by the insurer, which might include a payroll tax or monthly premium. This money are subsequently made available, based on agreement, whenever they are required. An example of a medicare insurance provider is the Florida blue insurance company.

What does medicare insurance cover?

Medicare insurance covers people with medical eligibility from a number of health risks as explained below.

Dismemberment: Dismemberment entails when an individual is involved in events such as accidents or medical conditions that leads to the loss of a body part.

Accidental death: This is a situation where an individual dies from an auto accident or other forms of accidents. This type of insurance is mostly paid to the family of such individual.

Disability: This entails when an individual gets disabled. This could be due to an involvement in an accident or when they suffer from a health condition such as stroke that could lead to paralysis.

Medical expenses: This includes expenses for medical issues which would cover any type of illness or injury that requires the individual to incur expenses from medical treatment and purchase of drugs. It also covers medical expenses from pregnancy and delivery.

Accident: This include when an individual is involved in auto accident or other forms of accident, either minor or fatal, where the individual have to undergo treatment.