Those new to the world of Medicare now have access to cheap or free care. However, Medicare encompasses many different plans and has its own rules. The Medicare Advantage plan is one form of Medicare that may be beneficial to you. This type of plan delivers Medicare benefits through private insurance companies. This includes options like a HMO, PPO, FFS, special plan and more. This system lets you have insurance through a company and Medicare pays for monthly fees. These plans are required to have many of the same features of Medicare and may be beneficial for you.

Special Medicare plans must cover what Medicare does and offer plans that are just as good as or better than the original. There is usually no deductible in this plan but a small copay is required just like with regular Medicare. Private plans differ because they can cover services in different ways. Some plans might offer more coverage in specific areas or have supplemental benefits. Consider you needs when searching for a Medicare Advantage plan. You might be able to find a plan that focuses on nursing care, rehabilitation, special drugs or other things that may be relevant to your health issues.