67-1When making selection on the different types of Medicare options, it feels like an overwhelming array of choices. There are different plans which help in the payment of your hospital care, doctor visits, nursing care, outpatient services, prescription drugs and many more.

The following are some of the most common differences between the different plans.

Medicare Part A

This is the hospital insurance coverage plan and you get automatically enrolled when you sign up for coverage. The plan covers nursing care and the hospital stays but not doctor’s fee. This part also covers home health services, professional nursing care after hospital stay as well as hospice care.

You are not likely to for the monthly premiums, thanks to all your payroll taxes paid while under employment. However, a yearly deductible must be paid before any hospitalization expenses are paid.

67Medicare Part B

This part caters for a percentage of your visits to a doctor, some home based health care, outpatient procedures, medical equipment, rehabilitation therapy, X-rays, laboratory test, ambulance services, mental health care and blood.

Part B is an optional choice and if you still get health insurance from your employer, spouse, union, etc, you may opt out of it. If you sign up for Part B, you’ll be required to pay monthly premiums plus deductibles. The deductible amount must be attained before Medicare Part B starts to pay for your services. Those with higher incomes (above $85,000 per year for a person and $170,000 per year for couple) pay higher amounts.

Medicare Part C

This is offered via private health insurance Florida providers and must get approval. Part C has several plans and are also known as Medicare Advantage plans. If you enroll for Part C, you still receive benefits of Part A and Part B but through the Medicare Advantage Plan but not the Original Medicare.

Blue Shield Florida is among the many insurance providers who offer Part C (Medicare Advantage).

Part C covers all the Part A and B services but may also provide additional coverage. You can learn more about Part C through Medicare website.

Medicare Part D

Part D helps you cater for your prescription drug costs. It is an optional plan and is only available to those who have Original Medicare and most of the Medicare Advantage plans holders. It is provided by private insurance providers accepted by Medicare. You are required to pay monthly premiums and sometimes deductibles and copayments for the drugs.

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