63-1If you have any queries that you’d like to get clarification on, contacting Medicare is the best approach to finding a satisfactory solution. Medicare has made it possible for consumers of health insurance to reach them by availing phone contacts for different queries.

At times, you may not be able to make the contact personally and would like someone else to make the call on your behalf. You may also need someone else to be issued your personal information. You will be required to fill this form to grant the authorization. Otherwise, anyone else contacting on your behalf without your authorization will be turned down.

Here are the phone contacts that you should use when inquiring about particular needs.

1-800-633-4227 – Specific billing and claim questions

If you need to get clarification or have some questions concerning Medicare eligibility, how you are billed, your claims, expenses or medical records you can contact them via this number. This phone number is also used for general questions or other general enquiries. You can as well log into MyMedicare.gov.

631-800-772-1213 – Replacing lost Medicare Card

Medicare Card indicates the plan that you are in and useful when paying your premiums. If you have lost your card and would like to make a replacement, you should use this phone number to seek assistance. You can as well use it for all the issues related to your card.

Mailing address

If you’d like to mail a letter instead, you can use the following mailing address:

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services

7500 Security Blvd

Baltimore, MD 21244-1850

If perhaps contacting Medicare isn’t satisfactory for you. You can find a professional health insurance Florida agents for assistance. If you’d like assistance from a qualified professional in the matters relating to Medicare policies, feel free to contact Medicare Medics.