2..Every year Medicare opens an enrollment period form 15 October to 7 December. It is when all the Medicare eligible users get a chance to re-plan and re-prescribe their drug coverage for the upcoming year. Medicare eligible users have a direct control over their networks and covers areas such as costs, providers, coverages etc. People should review their ‘Evidence of Coverage’ and ‘Annual Notice of changes’ and other relevant material to figure out if there is any need for a change so that they could meet their requirements on the up coming year. However, people using Medicare can also leave their plans unchanged if they think that their requirements are being met.

What changes can I make?

Medicare also provides its users a chance to leave their Medicare Advantage plan and return to Medicare Original. However, if you do decide to return to Medicare Original you can get access to chose a part D plan that is the drug coverage plan which the Original Medicare plan does not takes into consideration. But after that you would not be eligible for the Medigap plan. A Medigap plan also fulfills the requirements of private insurance. It enables people to cover their out-of-pocket costs that covers upto 20 percent of the advantages and amazing services that Medicare offers. Apart form some exceptional cases you will be able to enjoy some low cost medical services for six months and will be eligible for plan B coverage and avoid any hiccups taking place. If you do decide to switch to the Original Medicare plan the union or the employer holds the right to reduce your health benefits. So, whenever you do decide to make any changes to your health plans go through all the porns and cons associated with the change.

When will I be able to know information about Medicare plan for next year?

Offering Medicare services, Medicare carriers such as Florida Blue accepts the responsibility to provide you and your family with the best health care services at lowest rates. If you require any information related to the nest years plan it will be made available at the start of October. For further information you can contact 1-800-Medicare or login to Medicare.gov.