jxfjxIf you are looking to apply for Medicare at medicarmedics.com, you are at the right place. Here we will tell you how you can get yourself enrolled easily. Before going into the details of this process, let’s talk about what Medicare really is.


Medicare is a complete health care program, especially designed for people aged 65 years or above. It is also for the young people with certain disabilities. Moreover, the program is for those with the last-stage renal disease; i.e., permanent kidney failure that requires dialysis or even a transplant. Sometimes, it is referred to as ESRD.

How to enroll?

First of all, you need to visit www.medicaremedics.com/medicare-enrollment/. Once you are assured of your Medicare eligibility and are done speaking with the agent upon choosing the right plan, there are different options for you to get yourself enrolled for Medicare. You can enroll yourself in Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare Supplement or Medicare Part D plan. Let’s take a look at them:

Medicare Supplements Plan:

Online: A number of licensed agents can help you in this regard. Online applications will take less than 15 minutes to get completed. You will get approved within 1 or 2 days.

Paper: Paper applications are completed via fax/email or face-to-face interactions. It is an old method and even the completion of application takes only 1 or 2 hours. In 7 days, you will get the approval.

Medicare Advantage Plan:

Telephonic: Some agents may help you get the coverage over phone. This method is fast and quick, since you will get the approval in just 24 hours.

Paper: Paper process is the same as mentioned above.

The same things are applicable for Medicare Part D.

If you have any queries, you can visit www.medicaremedics.com. We will help you in all the possible ways.