Medigap is what Medicare supplement plans are known as in Florida amongst the many health insurance Florida. These include co insurance, deductibles and co payments. Many other plus points of getting these supplement plans include beneficiaries when you travel abroad. From the name, we can determine that a Medicare supplement plan in Florida is more or less like an additional part to Medicare part A and B. All the beneficiaries who want to change their Medicare plans from A and B should also check out Medicare advantage plans and not just the supplement plans. A Medicare advantage plan is just a substitute for Medicare parts A and B and they include additional benefits with the same coverage plans.

Insight to Medicare Supplement Plans

aaaaaaWhat these Medicare Supplement plans do not include is coverage for services like hearing care and vision. Moreover, it does not include dental coverage as well and further, things like prescription drug advantages are also not given. For people looking for benefit of prescription drug should opt for Medicare advantage plan or a Medicare drug plan part D. the supplement plans of Medicare are sorted out by a letter and all plans with similar letters provide same benefits. But the costs of these plans differ according to the location as well as the company that is offering it.

There are mainly 10 basic Medicare Supplement plans offered in all the states but in Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Minnesota they are categorized differently. The companies that offer the best supplemental plans are as follows:

  1. Wellcare Health Plans
  2. Highmark
  3. American Republic Insurance Company
  4. Homeland Healthcare
  5. Humana
  6. Cigna
  7. Medco
  8. Kaiser Permanente

All the above companies have different plans and different premiums that you will have to pay for them. Choose the best company and before that you can also check our website for further details.