79-1Medicaremedics offers you Prescription Drug plans as plan D coverage. There are 2 different ways through which you can avail the Prescription Drug plans available at medicaremedics.com.

Enrolling separately for Plan D

If you are already enrolled in the Original Medicare, then you cannot automatically take the advantages of the Prescription Drug plan on medicaremedics.com. You have to enroll yourself in the plan D of the Medicare Prescription Drug Plans separately. And for this, you need to have the Original Medicare service. All in all, you need to have both Original Medicare and plan D.

Enrolling through Medicare Insurance Plan

Initially, if you enroll in the Medicare Insurance Plan Part C, then you are automatically entitled for all the features of Plan D. Plan C is also known as Medical Advantage Prescription Drug plan. In this plan you can avail prescription drug benefits in particular and all Medicare health benefits in general on medicaremedics.com.

79Medicare Eligibility to enroll for Part D

There are 2 conditions you need to satisfy in order to be eligible to apply for Part D.

  1. You must be a part of the Original Medicare plan.
  2. You must be residing in the areas in which the services of Medicare plans are available.

If you satisfy these Medicare Eligibility conditions, then you are good to go to enroll for the Prescription Drug plan.

Time Period for enrollment

  1. The Initial Enrollment period – This is the three months before you turn 65 till the next three month after your date of birth. Hence you will have a 6 month window to enroll for the Prescription Drug plan.
  2. The Annual Election Period – This period starts in October and ends in December of every year. In this period you can enroll in either of the plans mentioned above on medicaremedics.com.