69-1When you need to sign up for Medicare Insurance plan, there are a number of ways through which you can get enrolled. But first you have to check if you qualify. Basically, eligibility age is 65 years, but you can as well qualify if you are under 65 years.

Qualification if below 65

Qualification for Part A of Medicare (Hospital Insurance) as well as Part B (Medical Insurance) is possible when you are already receiving benefits from the Social Security, if you have disability or suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

If you get automatic qualification into Medicare, you will receive the Medicare Card through your mail 3 months in advance, before your 65th year.

69How to sign up

If you meet the Medicare eligibility, you can enroll into Medicare by applying online at Social Security or visiting the local Social Security offices.

You can get enrolled by calling the Social Security using the phone number 1-800-772-1213. Those using TTY should call the number 1-800-325-0778. You can enroll for part B by completing the Application for Enrollment in Part B.

Do note that Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for management of Medicare. CMS works with Social Security to enroll people into Medicare.

In the event that you were signed automatically for Part B but hasn’t started yet and would like to drop it, you can do so in two ways. If you have a Medicare Card with you, follow the instructions that you received with the card and send it back. If you keep it you have to pay the premiums. If you signed up through Social Security, you should contact Social Security.

Medicare Parts C and D are provided by private health insurance Florida companies, which meant that you can get enrolled into these plans by contacting your favorite insurance provider approved by Medicare in Florida. If you want to enroll for Part C and Part D, get in touch with Medicare Medics and explore the available options.