If you are on the search of a good and affordable health insurance plan; either in the private or federal sector; then you have come to the right place. With long experience on the insurances market, sustained by the Blue Shield Blue Cross Association; our Florida Blue Insurance Plans can be the right answer.

We make our offers based on:

  • a large variety of coverage plans and possibilities;
  • personalized and depending on the individual need of every customer.
  • Depending on the client’s needs; from health insurance, to dental plans and life insurance packages; the best solution is always available.

Under the guarantee that it belongs to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association; the agency offers:

  • individual and affordable coverage plans;
  • addressing itself to private individuals, businesses and Medicare insured individuals.

Through its variety of plans; our Blue Insurance will address:

  • any age individual;
  • any sector and
  • is in a constant  collaboration with the state in order to provide the best coverage for Medicare plan beneficiaries.

The administration of the plans is carefully executed by very skilled agents; who will detect the best plan and make sure the final client gets the best deal and options.

Under the umbrella of Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies; Florida blue insurance plans cover a large variety of:

  • health insurances;
  • dental plans
  • life insurance packages.

The well trained agents will answer any questions with professionalism and will provide the best solutions for the client’s needs.

How we intend to achieve our goals:

  • on-line non stop support
  • transparent information available for everyone

By submitting the relevant information on what type of insurance plan the client needs; and filling in a few simple forms; the best personalized coverage plan is offered to every client interested in getting the best deal and at a most advantageous price.