The Medicare Enrollment period for 2016 started last October and ended just as the holidays approached on December 7 2015. But what if you missed the Medicare Enrollment period? It’s not too late to receive coverage.


According to the official Medicare government website, you still have a few options between January 1 and February 14 to make some changes your plan. For instance, if you didn’t like the Medicare Advantage plan you still have the chance of leaving it and return to your original plan. However, after the end of the Medicare Enrollment period you most likely don’t have the option to change from a Medicare Advantage plan to another Advantage plan.


What if you didn’t sign up for Medicare insurance at all during the Medicare Enrollment period? You can still enroll between January 1 and March 31. Keep in mind that your coverage won’t start until July 1st and that the goverment may charge you a late signup penalties that can ramp up the cost of your plan.


But what if you or your spouse were working up until the end of the Medicare Enrollment period? If you were still working at age 65 and were covered by your employer’s health insurance plan, you qualify for a special enrollment period. From the moment you stop receiving your employer’s insurance up to eight months afterwards, you can sign up for Medicare Part B insurance plan without penalty.


Navigating the Medicare field may sound a little overwhelming. Talk to your Medicare Insurance agent to review your options.