At What Age Do I Qualify for Medicare?


People often ask at what age they can be qualified for Medicare, since Medicare is not open to everybody. It is only limited to some specific set of people and in most cases, these people are chosen on the basis of age. Before finding out the age to be attained before one could apply for Medicare, a short explanation on Medicare is given below.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a Federal Health Insurance Program available for the individuals aged 65 years and above. Apart from these individuals, certain younger people with certain disabilities are also eligible for Medicare. Moreover, people with the end-stage renal disease are also eligible for Medicare. For your information, end-stage renal disease is a kidney failure that is in fact permanent. This kidney failure requires dialysis or kidney transplant.

Medicare is split into 4 parts which include:

  1. Medicare Part A: (Hospital Insurance) this covers hospital care, home care, care in a nursing facility, etc.
  2. Medicare Part B: (Medical Insurance) this covers certain doctors’ services, medical supplies, preventive services and outpatient care.
  3. Medicare Part C: Medicare Advantage Plans.
  4. Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage.

The age to be attained before you can be qualified for Medicare is at least 65. From the age of 65 and above, your Medicare eligibility starts. However, if you are not in this age bracket but you are disabled or have a permanent kidney failure, you will be eligible for Medicare. These are the only exceptions to qualify for Medicare if you have not attained at least the age of 65 yet.

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