If I Move to Another State, Do I Have to Notify Medicare?

A common question often asked is whether it is needed to notify Medicare when one wants to move to another state. There is no general answer to this question, as it is largely dependent on the type of Medicare such a person has.

When you relocate to another state, there is the possibility that your medical coverage through your health insurance Florida may get lost or forgotten. Considering the kind of Medicare coverage you have, you have to notify the social security administration about the change in your address. This step could be technical and difficult as it would be as if you are picking a new health plan, looking for a new doctor and sending your medical records to another doctor.

Your Medicare type determines your next step

Plans that demand you to make use of service plans and specific network providers who are different from one state to another would have to be changed if the state you are moving to is not included in the plans’ service area. Plans that do not require you to make use of the in-networks may not require any change. It should be known that this whole process is quite complicating.

Same plans available all over the United States

    • These plans include Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B and Medigap standard–type plans.
    • Plans that are different from state to state and hence may require the help of an in–network provider.

These plans include prescription drugs in Medicare Part D and Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage; and Medicare Select which is a special kind of Medicare plan.

Hence, if you are making use of either Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B, you would have to make sure the social security administration takes notice of the change in your address. However, you do not have to change your plan.

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