Does Medicare Insurance Cover Dental?

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) usually does not cover some dental services you may need. It also does not cover the routine checkups or cleanings.

But it is not the end for you and you have nothing to worry about. There are some Medicare Advantage Plans which cover the daily, routine checkups. In fact, Medicare Medics does provide such kind of plans for you. In order to get benefited, properly check out all the plans out there in order to clarify which Medicare services may cover dental.

Does Medicare Cover the Dental Treatments?

  • Original Medicare, like Medicare Medics covers those dental services that are medically essential. Likewise, you may get paid for tooth extraction if it is required before the heart surgery.
  • You will have to attend the hospital for examination prior to replacing the heart valve when you are in a rural area.
  • Medicare will pay in case you need dental splints and wiring because of your jaw surgery or you had a problem associated with the jaw at the time and now you need dental services.
  • Also, the time when there is a necessity of having a surgery for treating jaw fractures.

Things to Remember While Going for Medicare:

  • Medicare will pay some dental-related hospitalization fees if there is some development of infection after pulling the tooth
  • You will get Medicare eligibility when you are in a life-threatening condition
  • Medicare will cover the hospitalization cost which usually includes room, board, anesthesia and x-rays.
  • It is important to remember that Medicare will not pay the dentist’s fee or the other physicians’ fees, like radiologists or anesthetist.
  • For in-patient hospital care, Medicare may pay.
  • Medicare Medics is one of the finest options if you would like to go for Medicare.

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