hqdefaultThose with Original Medicare which includes Part A and Part B will not be covered for dental services like routine checkup, implants, oral examinations, extractions, cleanings and fillings. The dental coverage with Original Medicare is very low and the Medicare eligibility also has to be checked.

Original Medicare covers certain things under the dental services and those are a part of the Medicare covered procedure. For instance, when you are going for a pre-surgery examination before a kidney transplant or a heart replacement surgery, the dental exams before the main operation will be covered. But for most of the dental care, Original Medicare does not cover it.

An insight into Part A and Part B plans in Medicare

The advantage plans that fall under Medicare provide the similar benefits like Medicare Part A and Part B. Usually, some Medicare advantage plans include extra benefits that are not covered by Original Medicare and may also incorporate vision and dental advantages. The individual plan is what matters when it is about the additional benefits. This is because if you need a plan but the benefits you need are not included then it will not be useful for you.


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