Medicare Insurance Plans Comparison

Medicare Insurance Plans Comparison

When it comes to Medicare insurance plans comparison, it is worthy to know that it could be difficult and technical to understand all the Medicare plans available. But if you make the right decision concerning the best Medicare insurance plan for you, you would save yourself from the unnecessary spending and have little worries regarding the coverage. Nowadays, many senior individuals who just became eligible for Medicare are beginning to realize that they could have the private health insurance plan via Medicare and thus they could save some money too. Medicare advantage plans are provided by those health insurance companies owned privately and need the approval of Medicare.

If you want to switch to the Medicare

advantage plan in Florida Blue, it’s best to make a comparison between Medicare and Medicare advantage. When you understand what they offer, you would be able to derive more gains for a low monthly premium.

The comparison of medical insurance is as following:

  1. Medicare Part A coinsurance and Hospital costs: considering the hospital stays, the first sixty days are paid by Medicare apart from the deductible
  2. Medicare Part B coinsurance and co-payment: Medicare covers eighty percent of the cost

These two are original Medicare plans. For you to have a Medicare advantage plan, you need to sign up for Medicare Part A and Part B. In terms of coverage, original Medicare only covers hospital and medical costs while Medicare advantage covers vision, dental, prescription drugs and hearing aside of the hospital and medical costs. Original Medicare has no cap on what is being paid by you while Medicare advantage has a maximum amount on your out-of-pocket yearly expenses. In terms of network, original Medicare gives you the freedom to go to any doctor that accepts Medicare. But Medicare advantage has a fixed network of hospitals and doctors.

Check with a Medicare Enrollment Representative to see if you qualify for $0 premium Medicare Supplement, Medigap and Advantage Plans.

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