5 Tips To Being A Better Lover…

Everyone wants to be a great lover…. and likes to think that they ARE good in bed.

The reality is probably a little further from the truth!

So we wanted to write a small article to give you some ‘Hints & Tips’ of how you can easily learn to become a better lover in the bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter!).

The best place to start is by looking at the top things that partners complain about & just flip them on their head.

Can you think of any? I bet you can……here are top 5 complaints turned into Tips:


Tip #1 – Be Honest With Your Partner

Pretty obvious?

Yep. But there is a world of difference about how you actually approach this!

Honesty is crucial in every aspect of a relationship, but it can be particularly important when it comes to the bedroom

This goes both ways, as us men can also be very sensitive & not just the women.

If they are doing something ‘wrong’…..or right for that matter….you partner needs to know & again, this goes both ways.

Be A Better LoverThis is where you need to do it in the correct way.

You need to be sensitive.







It needs to be a suggestion & encouragement…rather than a criticism. In case you were wondering:

Suggestion:        “Can you try that a little slower, that is so good when you do that”

Criticism:              “Don’t do it like that…it hurts!””

The upside is that you will both get (within reason) exactly what you want, rather than wishing in your head each time that she would somehow gain ESP & be able to read your mind!

This will open the lines of communication without causing upset, embarrassment or hurting feelings.


Tip # 2 – Encourage Open Communication

Once you have implemented Tip #1, this should encourage you naturally to start this tip.

Try & be honest & open.

If you have managed to communicate in a sensitive & suggestive way, you can then start asking what your partner wants (or doesn’t)

What would they like you to do? This may create a bit of embarrassment but you need to reassure them you won’t be upset, insulted etc          .

The upside of this is that if you get over this obstacle the natural progression is she should, in return, ask what she can do for you.

…..and there it is! Open Communication.


Tip #3 – Do Not Get Insulted When Your Partner is Honest

One thing that you absolutely cannot do is get mad or insulted when your partner is honest with you. Period.

While it may be difficult for you to hear things that you don’t to hear (e.g. that you do not last long enough….or that you take too long to become aroused). It is very important for you to hear these things so that you can find a way to fix them.

If you become angry with your partner, she will be wary about ever being honest about these things to you again and this can permanently ruin the open line of communication that you have been working so hard to establish in your relationship.

If you have an ‘Issue’, then deal with it!

Lots of people will bottle it up or make it out to be their partners fault. DON’T.

This is life.

Take a deep breath & step back. You aren’t the only one to have ‘issues’ by a long shot! Why do you think there are so many ‘pills & potions’ on the market to help!?

BUT…you need to make sure your one of the few that TAKE ACTION!

Click here to read an article about natural ways to make your ‘manhood’ bigger.

Click here to read an article about one of the products currently available for various ‘manhood’ issues.

Just promise yourself you will take action in dealing with whatever is the matter. A lot of these things are stress related & even by reading an article, buying a product or getting a supplement you will feel that you have taken a step to a solution. You are now in control. In some cases this may even be enough!

Sorry I went off a bit ‘off on one’ there, but it is something I passionately believe in.

Just do something!


Tip # 4 – Apply What Your Partner Has to Say

This follows on from my little rant above.

Don’t judge what they have had to say (if it is negative). Armed with that knowledge, do something about it! (see the other articles published on this site for ideas & solutions)

This stuff might be very simple & very easy to fix.

e.g. Spending more time kissing initially…..being more romantic in the build up……do ‘that thing’ you do for a bit longer…….eye contact……etc

Just listen to what they say & take action. These really can be the smallest & simplest things which make a massive difference.

Don’t question what your partner says, it have been hard for them to say it in the 1st place without barking back “why do you want me to do that!!?”


Tip # 5 – Seek Help When You Need it

I may have stolen my own thunder here by getting distracted in Tip #3!

But it is worth repeating.

If you have, or think you have some of what some would deem the bigger issues, then just face up to it & get on the road to a solution.

Maybe try some ‘cheats’ to disguise issues …..Maybe try a herbal supplement……..Maybe try a Natural Enhancement Pill……..Maybe try a Cream…..Maybe research more……..& don’t forget your Doctor.

There are other articles on this website discussing both the above issues (look on the right sidebar for the relevant links).


Examples of Taking Action

As outlined above, here are a few example of using different methods to combat different issues

Small Penis:
Think you don’t measure up? (you probably do but just don’t feel confident) – a ‘Cheat’ solution to this is to trim your pubic hair. Don’t get rid of it all. Trim the hair at the top of the base & around the sides so that it is thinner nearer your penis. This will give the appearance of it being bigger.

Limp Erections:
Don’t feel hard enough? A good herbal supplement can help. One that affects blood flow. Something like Ginkgo Biloba is a good one (about 120mg tablets are the norm’), this sort of thing helps in time….it’s not instant! Something like this – 

Ginkgo Biloba Extract – Double Strength Ginkgo Biloba Gold, 120mg, 180 Vegetarian Capsules – The GOLD Standard, USP Grade, GMO-free, Ginkgo Biloba Supplement

Low Libido:
There are foods that increase the vitamins & minerals that your body needs to help increase your libido….such as Broccoli, Cloves, Figs etc.  Please see the link to our article discussing these & others.
 Some of the ‘male enhancement’ pills also claim to help increase libido (from natural ingredients). 

Thanks for Reading!

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