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Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans are sold to Medicare beneficiaries in the United States that provide coverage for medical expenses not or only partially covered by Medicare. An individual must be enrolled in Part A (hospitalization) and Part B (medical services such as doctor visits) in order to qualify for a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan.

In regards to Medicare Supplement plans, initial enrollment offers guaranteed coverage to an individual during the 3 month period before and after your 65th birth month. During this period, there are no medical exams required and a private insurance carrier will issue and approve coverage instantly. Outside of the initial election period you can apply anytime within the year. However, supplement plans will not be guaranteed coverage. A few qualifying medical questions will be asked for eligibility.

Supplement plans have 10 different plans, labeled A through N, which are sold and administered by private insurance carriers. Each Supplement (Medigap) plan offers a different combination of benefits. Medicare Supplement premiums vary from one company to another and then depending on what area you live in. Medicare Part D Plan offers prescription benefits that are not included with a Medicare supplemental insurance plan. If you are in need of prescription coverage you would have to apply separately for a Medicare part D plan.

How to determine if a Medicare Supplement is right for you! If

.You enjoy the freedom to go to any doctor or facility.
.You are in need of several tests or surgeries per year.
.You are looking for a plan that is comprehensive and don’t mind paying a higher premium for it.

If any of the three above pertain to what you are looking for in a plan, then a Medicare Supplement plan is the right choice for you. Shopping for a Medicare Supplement plan can be confusing and intimidating; however, it doesn’t have to be.

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Plan F, being the most popular and most comprehensive plan, has no deductible and no copayments.   Plan F gives what most seniors look for in a plan, peace of mind. Call now for pricing 866-396-9140

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