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Food To Make You Horny!! libido sex drive

So that got your attention.

This is a short article that looks at various foods that are linked to an increase in your sex drive.

Let’s be honest. Not all of us are 20 anymore & a lot of the time we just want to sleep when we go to bed, but here a list of foods that could help recapture the ‘animal’ of the past !!

Help to re-spark your Libido.

…..& all done via one our other favourites pastimes – eating.



These are full of protein which aids stamina. They contain ‘good fat’ which helps your heart.

They contain an Amino Acid called ‘L-arginine’ which also helps your heart…..but has shown to be effective in the treating of ‘erectile dysfunction’ (& there is no point in getting the ‘urge’ without being able to do something about it!)



Another helper when it comes to ‘erectile dysfunction’. Used mainly in cooking but also has its place in mulled wine & hot spicy cider.

It is touted as a ‘Sex Superfood’



This has high doses of Vitamin C in it. This aid blood circulation to the organs (& THE organ) & also has links with female libido.

When preparing, try & steam the broccoli as this is the best form of cooking that limits the damage to vitamins & minerals



The ‘Viagra’ of the Fruit World.

It is 92% water but the remainder contains ‘Citrulline’ which is a Phytonutrient which the body converts into ‘Arginine’ which is an amino acid that boost nitric oxide levels in the body…..this in turn relaxes blood vessels in the same way that Viagra does.

Did you get all that?

Don’t worry about the science…just eat Watermelon!



They are considered an excellent stimulant of fertility & enhances the secretion of pheromones.



One University study found that women who took ginseng significantly increased their libido within a month & 68% said that their sex life improved dramatically.



Ginger help circulation & we know what that can mean! It is also said to have libido enhancement properties.



Another University study has shown that Saffron can improve sexual performance.



Iceberg lettuce contains an opiate that in theory helps activate sex hormones.


Well these are just a few of the foods we have read about, I will be updating this list as I go on. Notice one that isn’t on here? – Oysters….they are supposed to be a passion killer! Their ‘secret’ was in Zinc but it is reported that pollution in the ocean has diminished the quality of this to such a point that it is useless! & if it is Zinc that you are after…..just plump for Spinach! Doesn’t have quite the romantic image as ‘Oysters & Bubbly’ tho !!

Thanks for reading.

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** Update ** – Dec 17 – I’ve read a few reviews that the supplement below is good for ‘the urge’ – It appears to be similar to Virility Ex but I’ve ordered some anyway & await delivery.

food to make you horny