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VigFX review

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*** Review Update – 16th July 2014***

Why do Co’s do this! – just noticed the small print to this offer – Yes, it is a free trial for 15 days except for the postage – BUT – but doing it you automatically get billed for the full product at the end of the trial – nearly $90 !!

…….AND, what makes it worse is you have to ring them to cancel it!! Most of us are embarrassed enough using these things without having to ring & cancel – & you just KNOW it will be a woman you have to speak to!!.

My apologies for not noticing this before – at least you know now!


This is my VigFX review – well sort of – it will be eventually when I am in a position to tell you if/how it works!

This is something I have literally just stumbled across & wanted to add it to my website so that any readers can also take advantage of what I assume is a limited offer –  A FREE TRIAL

I am assuming the product is new!?

As you will be aware, if you have read my review of VirilityEx, that I am more than happy with the supplement & so I don’t really look around for anything is (if it ain’t broke…). But somehow this has come to my attention & I had paid attention as there is a 15 day FREE Trial available!! – you just have to pay the $6.95 shipping)

Get a 15 Day VigFX Free Trial Here

NB – This is only currently available in the USA.

To be honest I know about as much as you do! –  but is seems to be slightly different to VirilityEx & therefore I thought it may compliment it, it seems to aid sexual satisfaction & sex drive more than enhancement.

When you read it, it says that it helps improve the performance of VigRX, which is a supplement like VirilityEx, so I think my conclusions are pretty valid.

The stats they roll out seem pretty impressive (& I am aware you should probably take them with a pinch of salt!!), but here they are anyway:


VigFX – The Stats:Free Trial VIGFX

71.4% Increase in Sexual Satisfaction

62.82% Increase – Maintain an Erection

58.97% Increase – Ability to Penetrate Partner

22.49% Increase & Quality of Orgasms

71.43% Increase – Sexual Satisfaction

47% Increase in Sex Drive

 Now if you are really cynical & halve those figures, it’s still pretty impressive.



I don’t have one – yet! I will update when I have.

The basic conclusion for me is that I can get a 15 day free trial for $6.95 – what have I got to lose !?!?!

So anyway, I’ve ordered it & I guess I would encourage you to do the same whilst you can….if you are super cautious, then check back here in a few weeks & I will update how I’ve got on.

Click Here to get a 15 Day Trial of VigFX for Free ($6.95 Shipping)

 * Currently – USA Only*


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